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Balsamic Vinegars
    -A delicious fruity dark balsamic, enjoy the sweet and tart flavors of apricot in your favorite recipes.

Black Currant
    -This blend of traditional balsamic and black currant flavors produces a unique vinegar that nicely complements feta cheese, red     onions and orange wedges in salads. This unique vinegar is rich and full of depth. Pair it with other berries, pork, game meat,     mushrooms and fresh cheeses.

Black Walnut
    -A mild walnut flavor that is great on salads, pasta or rice. Use it alone or with any olive oil. A great marinade for meats. Try it!

    -A great blueberry aroma, crisp and very tart flavor with a mild sweetness. This unique balsamic is great for dressings, dessert sauces     or as a marinade for your steaks or pork.

Butter Pecan
    -Our Butter Pecan Balsamic Vinegar combines the flavors of roasted pecans, butter and vanilla for a sweet, traditional taste that can't     be beat.

    -Sweet and tart cherry flavor which is perfect for vinaigrettes, pork and duck. Also great on ice cream and drizzled over a brownie.     Yummy!

    -Enjoy a wide spectrum of citrus flavors with grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange. Great in a vinaigrette to dress your salad or fruit. Also     good for marinating chicken or fish.

    -An ideal accompaniment to tropical dishes. Pair with our Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime or Blood Orange for salad dressings or to     marinate chicken or shrimp for the grill. 

    -This is a wonderful flavor to add to meats, such as pork or turkey. Works great on a salad with nuts, or try it on vanilla ice cream.      Great addition to your fresh cranberry relish!!

Cucumber Melon
    -A summery taste that goes well with marinated veggies, or pair with our lemon olive oil for dressing a crisp salad.  FANTASTIC in water as a water flavoring!

Green Apple
    -A slight tart taste of apple. Great on salads, with nuts or drizzle it over fruit.

Honey Ginger
    -A white balsamic with a strong sweet, ginger flavor; great on veggies or as a salad dressing. Try it with ginger beer for a nice summer     refresher.

Jalapeno Lime
    -Jalapeño Lime – This luscious white balsamic starts with a light, sweet and tart citrus twang - and ends with a jalapeño kick! Use to     rim a margarita glass or add to lemonade or iced tea. Use to marinade steak, chicken or shrimp for fajitas. For dessert, thicken with     powdered sugar and top your lemon bars.

    -Dark balsamic. Perfect as a glaze for salmon or other flavorful seafood. Adds a nice citrus touch when used in vinaigrettes.

    -This sweet fruity balsamic is always great by itself, on a salad or on fresh fruit. Use also as a marinade on many different meats and     poultry. Would make a great topping for your favorite ice cream.

Maple  **NEW
   -Note flavors of caramelized sugar and vanilla. Warm and pour over pancakes or dunk French toast strips. Works as a healthy     substitute for brown sugar in your oatmeal. Amazing glaze over grilled salmon.  

Strawberry Peach
   - Light, sweet and tart, a summery twist on the classic pairing of strawberries and balsamic with the addition of peaches. Try a salad     with spinach, shaved almond, blue cheese and peaches. Toss with sliced fruit for a fruit salad. Drizzle over peaches and vanilla ice     cream or peach cobbler.

Traditonal/18 year aged
    -This balsamic vinegar from Modena is so smooth you could sip it after dinner. Use it as a drizzle on aged cheeses, cured meats and     fresh fruit, or as a dessert sauce for vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Makes a great marinade or a fabulous finish on salmon.

Vanilla Fig  ** NEW
   -With a delicious blend of sweetness, this is great poured over grilled asparagus, or added to your favorite sauces. Try drizzled over a     good nutty cheese for a treat.

Walnut Champagne **NEW
   -A nutty take on a Champagne Vinegar, use this light and crisp vinegar in your favorite vinaigrette, especially for a spinach or endive     salad. Try it in your favorite sauces to add a slight acidic note.