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Varietal: Vignole, developed in France but more popular in the Eastern US
Color: Golden raisin in color
Flavors: Heavy flavor profile of honey, orange blossom, and melon with a lingering tart finish.  
Food:  Dried fruit, bittersweet dark chocolate
Story:  What better way to spend a day with the one you love then a road trip! Whether you are far from home, on your way home, or dreaming of home this dry white table wine is sure to make the moment grand. Serve slightly chilled.

We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. Most of our wines are made by my parents who own Munson Bridge Winery. However, a select few are made right here in Manawa!

Varietal:  California Malbec.  
Color:  Look for the magenta rim-a signature of malbec
Nose:  Mocha, coffee, pepper
Flavors:  Medium acidity and medium tannins with bold rich flavors of blackberry, plum, black cherry with a slight smokiness
Food: Leaner meats, bold cheeses and rustic flavors like mushrooms and cumin. Goes great with earthy or smoky flavors.
Story: You don’t have to tip toe around with this beautiful bold red. Yes, you know what I’m talking about, the long nights that turned into early mornings. Dad always said, “Nothing good ever happens after midnight.” Well, I beg to differ. After all, good food, good friends, and fine wine should have no limit.
Varietal: Blackberries and Cabernet.  
Color: Ruby red, garnet
Nose:  Ripe berries
Flavors: Medium acid lingers on the tongue.  Blackberries, grape notes stand up to the robust and lively cabernet backbone. Slightly oaked.  
Food: Medium acid lingers on the tongue making it good with fatty meat dishes.
Story: Roaring through farmland and forest, the Little Wolf River is where Manawa has made it’s home. Manawa is a special place. Whether passing through, staying for a visit, or you’ve never left. Wherever it may be, home is where your story begins. 

Varietal: New York Riesling 
Color:  Pale straw
Nose: Citrus, green apple.  
Flavors: slightly floral with crisp acidity. Very refreshing notes of apple, apricot, and pear.  
Food:  Pairs perfectly with spicy foods. The acid and the spice balance each other well.
Story: Friends don’t let friends do silly things alone. So, when you find people who not only tolerate your quirks, but celebrate them with loud cries of, “ME TOO!” Be sure to cherish them, because those weirdos are your tribe! 

Varietal:  Peach Chardonnay.  
Color: Pale straw
Nose: forward peach slight earthiness.  
Flavors: Fresh peaches, slight acid. Hints of vanilla.  
Food:  Perfect with fish or chicken, great with light herbs and fruit. Try served in a chilled iced tea or in a fruit smoothie!
Story: As unique as this spectacular and rare fish, our son Dakota is like no other. An avid fisherman and all around outdoorsman, “D” is full of life and a true treasure. Enjoy with your catch of the day.

Varietal: Rhubarb
Color: Pale blush 
Flavors: light lemon with a touch of acid. Tartness of a true stalk of rhubarb.
Story: Nothing says spring like rhubarb from the garden. The simplicity of this stalk with a “side kick” of sugar makes for the perfect pair! Enjoy chilled with your “side kick.”   

Varietal: Rose'
Color:  rich watermelon color
Nose: watermelon jolly rancher
Flavors: burst of fruit flavors, raspberry lemonade, wild plum, finish of sweet lemon acidity.  
Food: Tacos, fruit salsas, Indian curries, roasted vegetables, spices
Story: Wake Up every morning with the thought that something Wonderful is about to happen. You’ll be tickled pink when it does! Celebrate the day with this semi-dry rose’.

Varietal: Mango blended with a Symphony grape.  
Color: pale gold
Nose: citrus, grapefruit, tropical
Flavors:  sweet mango with lively hints of tropical citrus
Food: slightly acidic. Works great with salads or fish. Perfect with shrimp cocktail and coconut balsamic.
Story: I don’t know about you, but when I think of mango I think of palm trees and beaches. That my friends, puts a smile on my face! Enjoy this full flavored wine with a salad or chicken. Go ahead, put an umbrella in your glass!   

Varietal:  strawberry
Color: dark rose’
Nose: fruity and berry. Slight perfume
Flavors: light bodied, distinct strawberry character
Food:  Great with desserts and light salads
Story: This beautiful taste of strawberry is almost as good as a first kiss. You will always remember and want another! Serve chilled…. And always live like only young lovers do!  

Varietal:  Black Currant
Color: Magenta
Nose:  complex bouquet notes
Flavors:  medium body, slightly tart, floral
Food:  Great with steak, Mediterranean dishes, salty foods, feta cheese
Story: The black currant is a superhero of fruit. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, this little berry packs a big punch of flavor and dad captured it in a bottle just for you! When poured in your glass, you’ll know it’s the Real McCoy


Varietal: Cranberry
Color: Dark Pink
Story: As the “sassy sister” I spent plenty of my youth in timeout. Even as an adult everyone needs a timeout now and then. Although, now I prefer spending it drinking wine with friends…not in a corner.  
Varietal: Strawberry Rhubarb
Color:  pale salmon
Nose: ripe strawberry 
Flavors: strawberry, tart lemon acid  
Food:  rhubarb dishes, salads, light fish, chicken, light summer pasta dishes.
Story: This sweet blend of strawberry and rhubarb go together perfectly like pigtails and a tire swing. Our winemaker gives the best underducks!

Varietal:  Blackberry
Flavors: Heavy bodied, rich blackberry character
Food:  Great with desserts and light salads or aged white cheddar
Story: At first breath our Saharra Jade let the world know she was here. Now as she embarks on adventures all her own, I now know she was just trying to say, “Watch out world, I’ve got my sassy pants on!” To our true adventure spirit and curious soul: may your heart be kind, your mind fierce and your spirit brave. 

Varietal:  Blueberry
Food:  Great with aged cheddar cheese, cheesecake, or fresh salad and fruit.
Story: Northern Wisconsin is God’s country. One of our first dates was backcountry camping in northern Nowhereville, Wisconsin. I couldn’t tell you where it was, but it was breathtaking. We picked wild blueberries for hours and ended up with just enough to put on cereal! If you can swing your arms fast enough to hold off the mosquitos, these rare beauties are worth it!  

Varietal:  Maple syrup
Color: Deep gold
Nose: alcohol forward with slight sweetness
Flavors: slight honey with a lingering maple finish, nice balance of acid
Food:  Perfect for any rustic dish
Story: If you’re from Wisconsin, you know that a long awaited first sign of spring is when the sap starts to flow. The celebrated tradition of making maple syrup brings families and friends together. We’re glad to have friends who share the fruits of their labor so we can turn it into a beautiful wine. Raise a glass and celebrate our salute to Wisconsin’s finest and enjoy this spring tradition slightly chilled or room temp.
Varietal: St. Croix grape
Color:  Magenta/ dark purple
Nose:  red berry, oak, 
Flavors: prune, medium bodied sweet, hints of raspberry, cherry
Story: Life is a lot like wine…you never know what adventure awaits until you take a leap and try it. So why not take a back road and see where it leads? This fruity red is best served with “nibblies” from your picnic basket. 

Varietal: Raspberry
Flavors: Fresh ripe raspberry
Food: great with desserts, ice cream, chocolate
Story: Raspberries are my favorite fruit: vibrant and beautiful with intense flavor, yet fragile and mysterious. It’s just perfect! Enjoy this amazing fruit year round…in your glass! Pairs perfectly with chocolate.